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More than 15 years’ experience in the life science industry covering both sales, marketing, business development and executive management. 6 years’ experience from politics and CEO for a Nasdaq listed company provides a unique insight in communication and how rhetorical behavior impacts the power of a story.

Several years’ experience in the international market both as Sales Manager and chairman for a global workgroup in an international biotech association.

"My strength lies in my general understanding of communication and how the small details impact a story. I have a strong passion for entrepreneurship and helping people to maximize their innovation and stories. Because it is stories we sell, all business starts with a story – your hypothesis, that comes to life"

Who we are: Vår berättelse


20 years of experience in visual media. With key roles in productions that includes everything from feature films to TV productions and commercials. 7 years as producer and editor for digital content and marketing. With a broad understanding for what is important in communication in the modern formats. 


”Moving images is my thing, make thoughts come to life in a visual production. The most important thing for a company that want to stay relevant, is to know its audience"

Who we are: Vår berättelse
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